Best food for Goldfish & Koi

To provide Koi with totally balanced diet and keep a pond clean you should feed them with a specialized food and leave out completely all live feed from the fish diet, since such feed causes serious diseases of the fish and stimulates growth of algae in the pond.

German company Tetra is the leading one among the manufactures of specialized feed for koi. Tetra feeding is produced taking into account all koi fish needs and it helps the fish grow up to its maximum size and keep its coloring bright. Due to good etability and high digestibility of the feed the level of phosphates in the pond water decreases and this keeps algae from growing.

Moreover, due to the innovative technology the feed stays on the water surface, it means that when you throw a little of this feed into the water the fish will come up to take it and you’ll see all of its bright coloring.

TetraPond Koi Vibrance Food is a main course feed made as floating sticks and created especially for healthy and balanced diet of Koi fish. It contains all important nutrients, vitamins and micronutrients, carotinoids that allow increasing of red, orange and yellow colors of the fish coloring. Appropriate shape and good digestibility of this feed guarantee that pond water preserves its quality.

Tetra Pond Flakes – is a main feed in the fish diet, made as flakes, it’s especially good for young fish and for fish with small mouth. The feeding consists of the mixture of 4 types of flakes. Red flakes with high protein content provide the fish with vitality. Yellow flakes have high concentration of vitamins and minerals and help to avoid the fish hypovitaminosis. Brown flakes strengthen the fish immunity, increase their resistivity to diseases. White flakes improve the fish digestion process.

This tasty mixture of 4 types of flakes is a qualitative and healthy nutrition for koi fish diet.

The red flakes energize the fish and give them strength, since they have a lot of digestible proteins. All components of the feed are humidity resistant, which prevents all nutritive components from dissolving in the pond water and it also helps to avoid excessive algae growth in the pond.

TetraPond Spring & Fall Diet is a feeding for cold months when water temperatures are below 50-Degree F and above 39-Degree F. The feeding contains wheat germs which ensures the fish acclimatization to cold water. Another thing is that the feed is a digestible one even at low temperatures, which is rather helpful for the fish metabolism and digestion, and it also lessens the amount of phosphates and nitrates in the water.

Tetra Pond Variety Blend is a modern feed recommended for koi fish feeding and it also intensifies the fish coloring.

The feeding is a mixture of 3 types of sticks – Pond sticks, koi vibrance, wheat germ. Fish coloring is intensified due to some natural intensifiers. The feed is rather digestible and it is enriched with wheat grains, dietary fibers, vitamin C and micronutrients.

Tetra Pond Variety Sticks cause minimal water contamination. Using of Tetra Pond Variety Sticks ensures better diet for the koi fish.

Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks you should start the feeding season with lighter feeding, since at this time koi tend to have hypometabolism. Some light feed such as floating sticks which is the ideal one to feed koi in autumn and in winter, when the water temperature is lower than 10C.

This type of feeding was created considering all individual needs of koi fish: it strengthens the fish immunoresistance and makes the coloring brighter. This feed gets easily digested and due to high content of wheat grains it helps the fish recover from its winter sleep.

TetraPond Sticks we advise TetraPond Sticks for all koi fish with no exception. This is a completely balanced feed for all kinds of koi fish and it has all necessary nutrients, dietary fibres, minerals, micronutrients and vitamins to provide the fish with a balanced diet – just like the one they have in the wild.

Therefore pond owners can be sure that when using Tetra Pond Sticks they increase their fish vitality and health. These sticks get wet rather quickly which gets the feeding process easier and high content of nutrients makes them easily digestible.

In 2011 Tetra company improved Tetra Pond Sticks formula and due to this fact phosphates content in the pond water decreased at 25%. You may feed your fish with this kind of feeding in spring, summer and fall when water temperatures are around 50°F and above.

TetraPond Colour is a type of feeding to improve koi fish coloring. It has some biologically active natural color intensifiers, which allow increasing of red, orange and yellow colors intensity without any negative fish health consequences.

Just after several weeks of feeding the fish with this feed you can see the result. Feed in spring, summer, and fall when temperatures are 50°F and above.

TetraPond Gold Mix
is created especially for Goldfish, it includes flakes, sticks and Freshwater shrimps dried using some special technology.

This feeding mixture is a successful combination of feed sticks that have different content which meets all food requirements of the fish through its whole lifespan.