American curl

American curl cat is a mysterious breed of cats with ears curled back from their face toward their scull back.

Through the passed 10 years these cats have gained popularity and succeeded to overcome a spread opinion of some conservative breeders who considered their ears phenomenon a constitutional vice, deformity and another freak of nature.

Nevertheless, these impressive ears isn’t the only feature of this unique breed. Kittens and adult cats are very communicative, they have almost dog-like temper and they are extremely loyal.

These cats can get used to any life circumstances and they never lose their courage and playfulness.

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Siberian cat

Siberian cat — is a breed of semi-long furred cats. They have long thick fur that is damp-proof, their ears are middle sized and the tail is fluffy. These native species are close in their behavior and origin to Norwegian forest cats and Maine Coon cats. Gracious cat enslaves hearts with the inward slant of the green eyes and “bobcat” tufts on its ears, that remind us of its wild ancestors. Siberian cats are born hunters, therefore they feel themselves especially comfortable outside.

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Bombay cat – little pantera witn green eyes

Bombay cats are clever and graceful ones. Sometimes it seems that there is something Indian not only in the name of the breed. Some delicate calisthenics is in their moves and some universal wisdom – in their eyes.The cats that first appeared just in early 50th of the last century in America as a result of Burmese and American Shorthair cat breeding, – they look like a small panther – the most beautiful, proud animal with strong character.

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Munchkin cat – lovely short paws

Munchkin cats are the carriers of natural mutation that gave these cats small, but strong and muscled paws. This feature shows up in their posterity where achondroplasia gene dominates. Put simply, munchkin kittens who have such heredity inherit microplasia due to their limb reduction. However, this fact doesn’t influence their health, lifestyle or attractiveness to the opposite sex representatives of the common size. This is why short pawed gender are seen all over the world and they can be red, white, black colored, striped and spotty, short-wooled and fluffy.

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