Eheim 2217 canister filter

Eheim Classic 2217 (600) filter is the simplest in design canister filter – it’s a tube filled with filter fillers that has a lid with a pump on top.

The filtration process of tank water starts in the bottom section of the filter and then the water goes up and passes through all the filter fillers, after this the purified water is pumped back into the tank by means of the filter pump.

You can vary types and numbers of the filter fillers due to the absence of special baskets for these fillers inside the filter.

In the picture there is a shipping box of Eheim Classic 2217 filter.

The filter has handy and sustainable chrome plated snaps. Eheim Classic 2217 filter head and case are easily and reliably tightened together by the snaps and high quality ring made of silicone.

In the picture you may see the internal section of the filter head.

Technical characteristics:

High quality ceramic axis axle and perfectly manufactured impeller make it possible for Eheim Classic 2217 filter to run quietly.

Eheim Classic 2217(600) filter set also contains:

blue coarse pored foam (6 pieces) for rough mechanical water purification, sintepon insert (1 piece) for fine mechanical filtration, carbon insert (1 piece) for chemical filtration.

Here is the complete set of all necessary expendables: rubber suckers, pipes, pipe to pump water and define its age, fastens and holders for hoses.

Eheim Classic 2217 external filter set also has a double union ball valve which you may use to control the water flow intensity.

This classical filter of Eheim Classic family is a reliable, efficient and time proved one and also it’s one of the best filters if we talk about quality-to-price ratio.

About author: Sergey Schulz

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