How does the furminator work on cats?

Owners of almost all cat breeds are familiar with problems that arise during their pets’ shedding season. This is when all carpets, furniture and floor are covered with pet’s hair and fur.

During this time owners have to comb their pets more often, though owners of long-haired cats do it the whole year round, otherwise both the cat and the flat will look unkempt.

The process of undercoat and hair removing isn’t very pleasant for cat’s owner, since very seldom a cat can stay still for a long time. Also it’s unpleasant for a cat too because of accidental skin injuries, pulling out of some tangled hair, the animal gets nervous.

To stop torturing both your cat and yourself lots of pet’s owners buy Furminator – a kind of a comb – a trimmer with comb-shaped blade and ergonomical rubberized handle.

Furminator for cats is a deshedding tool that significantly eases the combing process. This is a comb that works using a trimmer operational principle.

Its appearance resembles a small rake with dense teeth. Furminator was invented by groomers from the USA who are firsthand to know about problems you may face when taking care of your pet’s hair.

Further we are going to tell you how to choose a proper model for a cat.

How does Furminator work?

You can successfully comb your cat using furminator due to adjusted distance between the teeth of a specially edged comb. Furminator operation principle is about careful picking up and removing of unwanted hair without cutting or pulling it out.

The deshedding tool doesn’t damage cat’s hair-coat (beard hair slips through the device teeth and is untouched), but at that it removes dead hair and undercoat.

It is considered, that device removes about 90% of dead and unwanted hair of a cat and also reduces by two folds the duration of its seasonal shedding (by the way, some species if not combed properly may continue shedding for weeks and months).

Besides, using this grooming tool for cats ensures uniform spreading of sebum which protects your pet from cold and overheating, dust and parasites.

Benefits you get when using Furminator

It’s recommended to apply furminator about twice a month during your pet’s shedding season. This is enough to remove dead undercoat (90%). You will see positive changes right after the first combing: there is less hair left on carpets and clothes, itching and lacrimation reduces.

Another important advantage is that a cat doesn’t lick itself clean all the time and doesn’t swallow hair. You know that swallowing hair causes troubles with its stomach and intestinal tract. Timely combing will allow you to avoid these issues.

When using furminator your cat won’t have matted hair, which you’’ have to remove with the help of a professional groomer. This is quite a painful procedure for a cat.

Surprisingly, this deshedding tool even improves the quality of cat’s hair. Its skin is massaged while using furminator and serum is uniformly spread over the body. Cat looks more well-groomed and nice.

Does all cats require combing with this unique device? No. Some cats don’t have undercoat and some of them don’t have hair at all. That’s why before applying some novelties you should consult a vet. In case of absence of any contraindications, you can get model that will ease both yours and your cat’s life.

What will you get after using furminator:

  • Pet doesn’t swallow large amount of hair when licking itself clean
  • Combing with furminator isn’t painful for a cat
  • The device allows to remove hair from sensitive areas of cat’s body (in genital area, on its abdomen etc.)
  • The tool not only combs your pet, it also massages it and this way improves blood flow
  • Most of cats like combing with furminator (what we can’t say about ordinary combs and slicker brushes)
  • High quality pays for itself very fast and serves for a long time
  • This deshedding tool for cats allows you to get rid of cat’s hair on clothes and furniture

How to choose a Furminator?

Before buying the device for removing cat’s undercoat you should weigh your cat and evaluate its size. You also have to take into account the length of cat’s hair.

For long-haired cats there are tools with long teeth and the packaging has «Long hair» mark on it. Short haired cat owners should look for models marked as «Short hair».

Another thing you should think of, is how to eliminate the combed hair. Furminators with ejecting button (FURejector) allow to get rid from combed hair with one push of the button.

Classical deshedding tools don’t have this button and you’ll have to clean the hair yourself.

It is important to pay attention on handle is comfortable. It may seem as something unimportant, however if the handler is too short (thin, wide etc.) the process of hair and undercoat removing will not be as easy for both a cat and its owner.

Those owners, who keep several cats of different breeds (for example, British shorthair and Persian cat), they can get a deshedding tool with disposable blades.

Besides, such a device may also be of great use to those, who have other pets (furminator for dogs, guinea pigs, ferrets).

How often should you comb your pet?

  • In the beginning of spring and autumn, when the shedding season is in its peak. It is recommend to comb a pet 2-3 times a week.
  • In the beginning of summer, since even if the pet is not shedding, it is desirable to use Furminator, because removing unwanted undercoat hair will make your pet’s life more comfortable during hot summer days.
  • In other seasons you should use Furminator once a month.

How to use Furminator?

Let’s see how to use the device properly:

  • According to the rules you should wash your pet with a special shampoo and thoroughly dry its hair

  • If cat’s hair is relatively clean, you can skip the 1st point. Though, you’ll have to remove all small objects that may have got stuck in its long fur

  • If you are going to comb a long-haired cat, examine its hair to make sure that it has no matted hair. If you find some you should cut it off with a special tool (otherwise furminator will pull this hair and the cat will feel discomfort);

  • In case if there are some injuries on cat’s skin (scratches, some unhealed wounds etc.), you’ll have to postpone the combing till the pet recovers

  • Pet’s owner should be calm while combing it: shouting and abrupt movements may disturb a cat and make it feel stressed

  • Before using furminator for cats, you should think about cat’s posture while combing. The best option is to put the pet on one side, though you can also comb it when it sits or stands

  • Combing is always performed is the direction of hair growth. Otherwise you can hurt your pet. Cat’s face, abdomen and tail are very sensitive, so be careful when combing there

Not all cats need Furminator

By the way, furminator will not do for all cat breeds. So, for quite obvious reason you shouldn’t buy this device for cats without hair, such as Sphynx cat, Peterbald and etc.

You should buy some ordinary brush for cats without undercoat (balinese, Turkish Angora, Chantilly), with thing and rarely shedding hair (Singapura, Oriental Shorthair).

Cats with small amount of beard hair and unusual hair cover (LaPerm, Cornish Rex) will not need furminator as well.

Furminator – cat care products

Short or Long Hair deShedding Tool for Cats

This is the basic tool to take care of your cat while it’s shedding. It is available in following sizes: small and large, for shorthair and longhair cats.

What Furminator can do and its operation principles are described above in details. I can only add that this deshedder is equipped with FURejector button to get rid of the combed hair fast.

Nail Grinder

Nail Grinder – this is the most safe and convenient way to grid dog’s or cat’s claws. This nail grinder processes pet’s nails smoothly, without agnails and splitting.

This is the newest and fastest approach to keep your pet’s nails well-groomed. Furminator nail grinder is a perfect option for those who is afraid to cut their pet’s nails with common nail cutters or has a dog with sensitive nails.

It has 2 speeds. At low speed you can be sure that pet’s nail will not be damaged. If pet’s nail is too close to tool grinder, it just stops.

Using the grinder at low speed is recommend to help your pet to get used to the procedure. If a dog has long nails, it’s better to grind them little by little in turns, to avoid nail heating due to the long term processing with the grinder.

The device has a replaceable header.

FurVac Vacuum Accessory

This is a header by means of which you can fix furminator to a vacuum cleaner. Thus the hair will be partially sucked into it.

Well, this is a brilliant idea, but – some dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners, plus the hair is very thick and it’s difficult to suck it in.

Though, all these inconveniences are offset by low price of the device.

Hairball Control Shampoo

Hairball Prevention Shampoo – this is a shampoo to prevent appearance of hairballs. It is based on natural components and reduces shedding and matted hair appearance.

The shampoo contains natural extracts of calendula and papaya leaves, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, that ensure healthy skin and hair, make it smooth and shiny.

Hairball Prevention Waterless Spray for Cats

This spray helps to reduce shedding, prevents hairball appearance in cat’s stomach and you don’t need to wash you cat to use it. The spray is enriched with cranberry oil and glycerin.

Combination of high quality components created specially for cats helps to reduce shedding and prevent hairballs appearance.

Composition: surface-active materials, water, hydrolyzed wheat and oat protein, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, cranberry oil, coffee extract, calendula extract, Vitamin E, chamomile extract, aloe vera, papaya leaves extract, safflower oil, sunflower oil, glycerin.

Doesn’t contain parabens and artificial dyes.

deShedding Waterless Pet Spray

This is a perfect cleansing and deodorizing lotion which doesn’t require washing away – this is the most efficient and easy way to wash a pet that doesn’t like washing or it can’t be washed for some reason.

This lotion was developed basing on highly efficient surface active cleaning agents, that provide gentle care, improve dog’s hair structure, clean hair and skin of your pet.

It contains silicon, that acts to prevent appearance of matted hair, makes dog’s hair shiny and it smells nice. This pet spray is excellent for urgent cleaning.

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