Basics of flowerhorn fish keeping

Flowerhorn cichlid (also Flower Horn) is a unique fish with a very interesting behavior, temper and completely unusual appearance. Those who decided to keep flowerhorn in a tank have never regretted it.

Cichlids as a rule aren’t very critical when choosing their couple match, therefore they can make couples not only with their kind, but also with completely different cichlid types.

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Oscar fish: how to keep and breed this aggressive fish

Oscars (Astronotus ocellatus) or tiger oscar is a large and bright colored cichlid from South America. Besides its large size and attractive color, oscars is also considered to be a very clever fish with interesting behavior.

This fish is rather small at juvenile stage, but it grows fast to reach max size (up to 35 cm) and of course it attracts attention of any aquarist. Astronotus is one of the fishes which can be described as the fish with some kind of intellect and a character.

Fish will watch you doing your business in the room and you’ll see that it does it more consciously then other small cichlids.


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Green terror cichlid (Aequidens rivulatus)

Green terror (Andinoacara rivulatus, syn. Aequidens rivulatus) is a very bright colored cichlid and its body is covered with bright blue scales. But this is not all about her rich color, it also behaves in a very interesting way.

Green terror is a commom name for all three sub species: Andinoacara stalsbergi, Andinoacara sp. Gold/Silver saum and Andinoacara rivulatus.

This kind of fish is often mistaken for another very alike fish – Aequidens pulcher.

There were the times when these two fishes were considered as one kind. However, nowadays they were divided into two different kinds. Although the fishes are alike, they have some significant differences.


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