Fluval 406 review

Hagen Fluval 106-406 is a range of filters which do not differ from each other by their design or functionality, they are different only by a tank size where they can be installed.

Fluval 106, 206, 306, 406 – are external canister filters of the 6th generation produced by Canadian company Hagen for saltwater and freshwater tanks sized from 25 gallons to 100 gallons.

Fluval have been holding leading market positions for many years, namely the 6th generation has an obvious advantage over its predecessors due to the number of improvements it has.

They allow to insure complete 3 staged water filtration (biological, chemical and mechanical). At that the 6th generation filters are less power consuming, their capacity is 15% higher than their predecessors have.

All spare parts and hoses needed to install the filter come in a set together with these filters.

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Eheim 2217 canister filter

Eheim Classic 2217 (600) filter is the simplest in design canister filter – it’s a tube filled with filter fillers that has a lid with a pump on top.

The filtration process of tank water starts in the bottom section of the filter and then the water goes up and passes through all the filter fillers, after this the purified water is pumped back into the tank by means of the filter pump.

You can vary types and numbers of the filter fillers due to the absence of special baskets for these fillers inside the filter.

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Fluval FX6 review

Hagen used to produce a perfect Fluval FX5, however the company has had a chance to improve it eventually and this is how a new Fluval FX6 appeared.

This filter doesn’t differ significantly from its predecessor, but it has some essential features. Fluval FX6 – isn’t just a modified and improved version of already known and popular filter, as it is a more adaptive and upgraded product.

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Chinese shar pei – dog with “skin of sand”

Shar pei dog isn’t just an unusual and funny looking dog with a wrinkled skin, it’s a true hero who fearlessly survived middle-age Chinese wars, hunger and communist repressions during the 40-th of the last century.

Several times the breed has almost disappeared, but due to the breeders efforts it was brought back to life and became surprisingly popular.

Shar pei dog is clever, calm and loyal. As it is peculiar to real Asians these dogs like order, discipline and they are used to control their emotions.

They are tender and attentive to their owners and mindlessly brave when it comes to protection of their home and loved ones.

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