About us


If you are reading this page, it means you’d like to learn more about this site, its owner or to ask a question.

I’ll do my best to answer, but sometimes I have quite a lot of e-mails and I don’t have a chance to answer all of them.

So, now let me tell you a bit about this site and how it was created.

Well, my name is Oleg.

Aquaria… they’ve been my passion since my childhood. There were no computers, smartphones and play stations when I was a child, so kids used to have hobbies (incredible, ha?). As most of us first I had a tank with guppy in it. Then there were other simple in terms of care fishes like swordtails, danio and others.

As the time passed by, tanks became larger as well as I grew up. I got more possibilities. I had lots of various fishes in my tanks including discus fish species. The only thing is that I have very little experience in keeping large sized fishes like American cichlids. You become attached to them too much and if they get ill I worry a lot.

Then I got keen on aquascaping. I learned a lot about CO2, micro and macro fertilizers and other chemicals. However, eventually I understood that the most beautiful aquascapes are those, that were obtained and grew naturally.

My current tank is an attempt to create Amazon biotope.

This site was created just with one simple purpose – provide pet lovers with quality information about tank fishes and other pets. Of course, it’d be great if this site also allows me to earn a bit to get some food for my fishes or a new tank.

I write all the articles myself, sometimes my friends help me. Quite often I consult fish breeders, specialized forums and Facebook communities.

Unfortunately, we aren’t as perfect as we’d like to be, so there may be some mistakes, inaccuracies or stupid typos in the articles. So, I hope for your tolerance and understanding in this respect.

Sincerely yours, Oleg

For those who want to ask something or to get some information here is contact: contact@meethepet.com