Kribensis (Pelmatochromis pulcher)

Kribensis (lat. Pelmatochromis pulcher) is a bright dwarf cichlid which is not very demanding as for its tank conditions. From Latin «Pelva» means «abdomen», «chromis» – is a color and «pulcher» means beautiful, so all these words describe the fish completely. Especially when spawning the fish abdomen glitters and it becomes cherry colored.

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Blue dolphin moorii (Cyrtocara moorii)

Blue dolphin moorii (lat. Cyrtocara moorii) is an unusual tank fish which came from Malawi Lake in Africa. Blue moorii is rather popular among cichlid-fans first of all due to its bright-blue color and also to its unusual body shape with a big bump on the fish head.

At that moorii blue dolphin cichlid isn’t a small fish at all. Max size can be 25 cm and longer. They are peaceful enough, but males can be rather aggressive to each other and it’s better to keep them in a harem consisting of one male and 3-4 females.

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Humphead cichlid or frontosa fish (Cyphotilapia frontosa)

Frontosa (Cyphotilapia frontosa) is a very beautiful freshwater fish and it’s very popular among cichlid-fans. Etymology of the fish name Cyphotilapia is the following: Cypho from Greek means a “hunchback” and Tilapia when translated from the local dialect means “fish”.The translation of the specific name from Latin means “with a big forehead”. Frontosa are perfect for the experienced aquarists. Fish is large with very nice, deep and contrastive coloring.

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