Your Complete Hoplo Catfish Care Guide: Size and Keeping

Hoplo catfish (Megalechis thoracata) is a freshwater aquarium fish from the Callichthyidae family (armored catfishes). This is an undemanding and peaceful (which is a rare case among catfish), good-looking fish. Black hoplo catfish is one of the most popular aquarium catfish species. Further in the article, you’ll find out how to keep hoplo catfish, feed it, select tank mates, and breed it.

Hoplo catfish (Megalechis thoracata)

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Corydoras Adolfoi: A Complete Care Guide

Adolfo’s catfish (lat. Corydoras adolfoi) is a small-sized, brightly colored, and peaceful aquarium catfish. This fish has quite recently appeared in tanks of aquarium fish fanciers, and it is less popular than other Corydoras species. Adolfo’s Cory is a peaceful species that can be kept with other peaceful fish species of similar size and temperament. They are well-suited for community aquariums, alongside other small, non-aggressive fish like tetras, rasboras, and dwarf cichlids.

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The Marvelous Julii Cory: A Care Guide for the Curious Aquarist

Julii cory (Corydoras julii), is a typical representative of this fish kind. It is a peaceful, schooling, and omnivorous freshwater fish. This article will tell you about fish in detail – where the fish dwells, whether it is a difficult fish to keep, how to create proper tank conditions to the fish, how to select tank mates and how to breed the fish.

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