Yoyo loach (Botia almorhae)

Botia almorhae is a very beautiful fish that belongs to loach family. It has silvery body with dark vertical stripes and its reproductive species also have some bluish shimmer. Botia almorhae comes from India and Pakistan.

Besides Pakistani species are a bit less saturated with color than Indian ones. Of course, they may be two different subspecies or even two different kinds, because their classification isn’t very precise for the moment.

The fish name originated with the help of famous photographer Ken Childs who has been working in aquarium husbandry industry for more than 20 years. When he was taking pictures of fishes for one of his report, he noticed that coloring of some species formed something like YoYo letters compination.

When he named Botia almorhae as yoyo fish in his article, the name was remembered by the readers and it became widely spread among English speaking audience.

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Clown loach (Chromobotia macracanthus)

Chromobotia macracanthus is one of the most beautiful tank fishes from the loaches family. It’s valued for its nice coloring and bright individuality.

Clown loaches tank should be spacious since the fish grows to be rather large – up to 16-20 cm long. The fish likes thickly planted tanks with lots of different covers. As a rule freshwater fish is a night one, so it is almost unnoticeable during the day time, however it doesn’t concern clown loach.

The fish is very active during the day, but it’s a bit timid. It enjoys company of fishes of the same kind, however it can be kept in a tank together with other types of fishes.

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Kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii)

Pangio kuhlii is a peaceful ground fish which is more active in the evening and at night.

Kuhli loach is an “owl” therefore it’s activity can be observed during twilights and at night, it is always hiding. The fish can hardly be seen at day time, especially when it’s kept in a tank alone, however it’s not impossible, if one watches the fish for some time.

If several fishes are kept in a tank they become more active at day, maybe due to the appearance of food rivalry. A group of dozen kuhli loaches will have more active behavior and it’ll be more close to their behavior in the wild, nevertheless Pangio kuhlii can be also kept alone in a tank.

The fish is rather enduring and it can live in a tank for quite a long time and it won’t suffer because of the lack of company. Also fishes from loaches family are known as weather forecasting fishes – they react on atmospheric pressure change and start going crazy, swimming actively along the tank walls or in circles.


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