Endler’s livebearer – a small firework in your tank

Endler guppy or Endler’s livebearer (lat. Poecilia wingei) is a very good-looking fish and a close relative of common guppy fish. It has become famous due to its small size, peaceful temper, appealing appearance, and unpretentiousness. Despite that this kind has quite recently become available to aquarists, its tiny size, bright coloring, and demandingness have made the fish popular. Let’s study it in detail.

Endler's guppy

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Molly fish (lat.Poecilia)

Mollies fish is a small group of live-bearing fish of the Poecilia genus (earlier, they were included with Mollienesia genus). They are rather popular and undemanding aquarium fish that even beginner aquarists can deal with. Due to selective breeding programs, many new variations were obtained, with different coloring and body shapes. They are all widespread and renowned tank dwellers, though quite often, they look very different. This is all due to their peacefulness, endurance, unpretentiousness, inexpensiveness, and easy breeding. Molly fish differ only in size and color, but the info about breeding, keeping, compatibility is the same for all of them.

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Platy is one of the most popular tank fishes

Unpretentiousness, beauty, various coloring patterns, easy to breed – this is all about platy fish (lat. Poecilia). This fish is like guppy, swordtail fish, molly fish – it is a live-bearing one, i.e. it carries eggs inside its body and spawns completely formed ready to swim juveniles. In this article we’ll tell you about fish care and breeding.

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Swordtail fish – is a bit quarrelsome fish

Swordtail (lat. Xiphophorus hellerii) is one of the most famous and spread tank fishes. In general this fish is quite peaceful and it can inhabit in a common tank. Though each fish may have its own temper, which can be both timid and shy or aggressive and blusterous. This is especially true for males. They can be aggressive towards each other.

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