TOP 15 fishes, that are not for the everyone

All beginners in aquarium husbandry often grope in the dark not knowing what fish exactly they want to have in their tank.

On seeing a small and cute suckermouth catfish in a pet-shop they don’t even have a clue that it’ll grow to be over 30 cm (12 inc) long and live over 20 years.

And this graceful oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus) will grow to be very large and it’ll eat everything in a tank that gets into its mouth.

So, what fishes is it better to avoid at the beginning?

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Top 10 freshwater fishes for the beginners

The decision what fish should be the first in your tank can be both a spontaneous and a deliberate one. Sadly, the beginners often follow their first impulse and buy a fish without knowing anything about it. And after that instead of happiness and joy they get “headache” and troubles.

You should choose a fish thoughtfully, because its life and your comfort depend on it. Before going to a pet-shop or a market study all available info about the fish you’ve enjoyed.

Which fish the beginners shouldn’t buy we’ve already discussed here, and now here is the list of 10 most unusual ones.

This article is to help you make a decision what fish to buy for your tank and here we’ve created a list of the best fishes with their short description for the beginners.

All of them are not demanding, tolerant to any tank conditions, peaceful, good-tempered and of decent size. We do hope that this will help you to make an easy and right choice!

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9 freshwater aquarium algae eaters for your aquarium

Algae eaters in a tank at home isn’t just a tribute to fashion, it’s a necessity. They help fight unwanted inhabitants on tank plants, glass, decorations and substrate – yes, I’m talking about excessive algae amount in a tank.

In any, even the best managed tank, there are always some algae, but usually their amount is small and they are noteless against the other higher tank plants background.

In an ordinary tank we have at home sometimes algae grow too fast and their amount becomes numerous, so because of that all the tank beauty is missing. One of the ways to solve this issue is to get some algae eaters and put them into the tank.

At that it’s not necessary to be a fish (however, the majority of algae eaters are fishes), but it can also be some kind of snail or shrimp, since there are lots of types of algae eaters.

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