Goldfishes – everything about keeping them in a tank

Over the years goldfish (lat. Carassius auratus) has been the most popular, renown and favorite tank fish among aquarists. This is the fish that set the stage for aquarium husbandry appearance.

In this article you will find detailed history of how the first goldfish was bred as well as how to keep, feed, care and breed the fish. All breeds are also described, we added photos of them and a short list of their distinctive features.

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Veiltail is one of artificially bred ornamental breeds of tank ‘goldfish’. The fish is famous for its elongated fins and a fluffy vailtail which is even longer if compared to other representatives of this kind.

This is very undemanding fish that is perfect for beginner aquarists, though it has some restrictions in keeping. It digs tank bottom a lot, likes to eat and very often it overeats till death; likes cool water.

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