Green terror cichlid (Aequidens rivulatus)

Green terror (Andinoacara rivulatus, syn. Aequidens rivulatus) is a very bright colored cichlid and its body is covered with bright blue scales. But this is not all about her rich color, it also behaves in a very interesting way.

Green terror is a commom name for all three sub species: Andinoacara stalsbergi, Andinoacara sp. Gold/Silver saum and Andinoacara rivulatus.

This kind of fish is often mistaken for another very alike fish – Aequidens pulcher.

There were the times when these two fishes were considered as one kind. However, nowadays they were divided into two different kinds. Although the fishes are alike, they have some significant differences.


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Jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis)

Jaguar cichlid (Parachromis managuensis, earlier addressed as Cichlasoma managuense) or managuense cichlid is a large, raptorial, but very beautiful fish, and it is good for large cichlid fans.

Unlike other cichlid fishes jaguar cichlid obtains the most of its color when it becomes reproductive.

For example, the juveniles have noticeable black bands on their body and the mature fish becomes spotted, so due to these spots they got their “jaguar” name.

In the wild managuense fish max size is about 60 cm and it weighs about several kilos. In a tank the fish grows significantly smaller – about 40 cm in length.

Because of its size and aggressive temper it’s better to keep jaguar cichlid separately from other fishes in a biotope which is reminding it the basins of Central America and surely, one should avoid keeping the fish in a tank with small and less aggressive fish as a tank mate.


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