Hoplo catfish care guide

Hoplo catfish (Megalechis thoracata) is a freshwater aquarium fish from the Callichthyidae family (armored catfishes). This is an undemanding and peaceful (which is a rare case among catfish), good-looking fish. Black hoplo catfish is one of the most popular aquarium catfish species. Further in the article, you’ll find out how to keep hoplo catfish, feed it, select tank mates, and breed it.

Hoplo catfish (Megalechis thoracata)

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Dwarf pencilfish care guide

Dwarf pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus) is a freshwater aquarium fish, one of the smallest representatives of the Lebiasinidae family, Characiformes unit. Due to breeding challenges and the small number of eggs they lay, dwarf pencilfish can’t be considered popular tank fish. Nowadays, they are seldom encountered in aquariums, even though they are perfect for keeping in nano aquariums which are currently gaining popularity.

Dwarf Pencilfish

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