Serpae tetra (Hyphessobrycon eques)

The serpae tetra (lat. Hyphessobrycon eques) is a tropical freshwater species which are sometimes referred to as red tetra. This is an overwhelmingly beautiful fish that looks like a small moving flame in a tank. You won’t be able to take your eyes of tetras school in an aquarium.

This is a schooling fish and it feels better in a school. There should be at least 6 fishes in it and the fish can be kept together with some other fishes of the same size and activity level. The drawback of keeping tetras in a tank is their a bit troublesome temper – they can haunt and nip the fins of more slow tank mates.

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Piranha keeping and feeding

Piranha (lat. Pygocentrus nattereri red-bellied piranha) — is a predatory fish kind and it belongs to Serrasalmidae subfamily, which is one of the most well known kinds of piranha.

These fishes live in a huge schools that spend the majority of time looking for a prey. The fish is rather gluttonous, therefore it can live only in the waters rich with fish.

More often red belly piranha can be encountered in some shallows, in the depth and in the muddy waters. Again, as one of the most known piranha kinds, it has a reputation of a freshwater predator, that is dangerous both to human and animals.

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