The most efficient vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Both cats and dogs may have seasonal shedding. It doesn’t matter what is your pet’s breed still is sheds from time to time and this is when you find its hear all over the house.

Quite often pets who live in the house provided with comfortable conditions don’t have strictly seasonal shedding and they renew their hair almost all the year round. Of course you may use some materials on hand and waste time gathering and removing your pets hear from carpets, sofas, armchairs and clothes.

However, you may do something more reasonable and buy a special vacuum cleaner with the function that provides efficient pet hair collection. Therefore, our review is what will help you to choose the best vacuum for pet hair.

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10 best flea shampoo for dogs

Flea is the most wide spread, ugly and enduring external parasites the dog may have. These bloodsuckers not only make your pet’s life impossible, they also can seriously damage its health. Flea bite is painful and its saliva is a medium where various infectious agents live.

A parasite that goes from a sick dog onto a healthy one will reproduce fast and feed on the dog’s blood. More often than not increase of fleas number is observed during spring and autumn time.

Since these parasites are dangerous for animals and reproduce very fast, every dog owner should know how flea looks and how to get rid of these parasites if your pet has them.

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This is a complete guide on how to choose best dog shampoo

In the current article we’ve created a list of the best dog shampoos. You are welcome to look through the rating and select the optimal hygiene product for your pet.

Besides, you’ll find out how to apply the shampoo properly and what will happen if you do it wrong.

High-quality dog shampoo is not just something that cares about your dog’s health and appearance. A professional dog shampoo saves time and money as well as preserves dog owner’s nerves.

After washing the dog with such a shampoo its hair stays clean longer, it is easily combed and sheds less.

An aggressive shampoo can make your dog’s hair look a mess or cause dermatitis just after one application. In this case visiting a vet is inevitable.

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Seresto collar – the best flea and tick medicine

To protect your pets from blood-sucking parasites you can use various collars. Seresto collar produced by German manufacturers is the most popular one among cats and dogs owners.


Right in a few days after you start using this collar your pet will be protected from parasites attack and influence of those who are on its body.

When using the collar properly it stays efficient for 6-8 month.

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