Canister filters for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

So, you are choosing the canister filter? The most important fact you should know is that their manufacturers quite often play hanky-panky with you when indicating the amount of water being pumped by a filter per hour. So, in this respect you should buy a bit oversized model. And this is it, now you may skip the rest of the article since below there are only boring details and comparisons, characteristics and IMHO as for studied models.

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5 best flea shampoo for dogs plus bonus

Flea is the most wide spread, ugly and enduring external parasites the dog may have. These bloodsuckers not only make your pet’s life impossible, they also can seriously damage its health. Flea bite is painful and its saliva is a medium where various infectious agents live.

A parasite that goes from a sick dog onto a healthy one will reproduce fast and feed on the dog’s blood. More often than not increase of fleas number is observed during spring and autumn time.

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Seresto collar – the best flea and tick medicine

To protect your pets from blood-sucking parasites you can use various collars. Seresto produced by German manufacturers is the most popular one among cats and dogs owners.

Right in a few days after you start using this collar your pet will be protected from parasites attack and influence of those who are on its body.

When using the collar properly it stays efficient for 6-8 month.

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How does the furminator work on cats?

Owners of almost all cat breeds are familiar with problems that arise during their pets’ shedding season. This is when all carpets, furniture and floor are covered with pet’s hair and fur.

During this time owners have to comb their pets more often, though owners of long-haired cats do it the whole year round, otherwise both the cat and the flat will look unkempt.

The process of undercoat and hair removing isn’t very pleasant for cat’s owner, since very seldom a cat can stay still for a long time. Also it’s unpleasant for a cat too because of accidental skin injuries, pulling out of some tangled hair, the animal gets nervous.

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