The Best Fish Tanks for Betta in 2022

The Siamese fighting fish is very popular among aquarists due to its unusual coloring and interesting behavior. Usually, beginners tend to listen to what the seller says – that it requires a tiny tank, no water heating is needed, and in general, a betta is not demanding as for its keeping. However, there is very little truth in these words, and it requires completely different care.

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Canister filters for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

So, you are choosing the canister filter? The most important fact you should know is that their manufacturers quite often play hanky-panky with you when indicating the amount of water being pumped by a filter per hour. So, in this respect you should buy a bit oversized model. And this is it, now you may skip the rest of the article since below there are only boring details and comparisons, characteristics and IMHO as for studied models.

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Aquarium heater guide. Its easy!

Aquarium heater is a simple device, however how many troubles you may have once it gets broken. They range from fishes boiled live to those frozen to death.

To avoid this disasters, I’ve selected the best models and reviewed them.

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Fluval FX6 review

Hagen used to produce a perfect Fluval FX5, however the company has had a chance to improve it eventually and this is how a new Fluval FX6 appeared.

This filter doesn’t differ significantly from its predecessor, but it has some essential features. Fluval FX6 – isn’t just a modified and improved version of already known and popular filter, as it is a more adaptive and upgraded product.

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