A Beginner’s Guide to Killifish: Types, Care, and Keeping

Killifish is not very popular in aquarium husbandry and it is seldom sold in pet shops, though this is the brightest tank fish and a very fascinating one. Despite the fact that the fish is vivid and bright colored it’s not widely spread in aquarium husbandry. But it’s not only the rich coloring that makes this fish so attractive. It has rather unusual spawning habit, due to which the fish is called an annotinous one. The fish hatches, reproduces and dies in a period of about a year. In the wild the fish dwells in ephemeral waters, which dry up for a period that lasts about six months. The fishes grows, lays eggs and dies in a year. Though the fish eggs do not die and they stay in the ground till the next rainy season.

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