Staurogyne repens care guide

Staurogyne repens is one of the most fascinating and enduring aquarium plants. It has thick coarse leaves of saturated green color. This is a small plant, so it will perfectly do for decoration of the tank front side and its middle as well as to create some focus points to draw the observer’s attention.

Habitat in the wild

Brazil is the staurogyne repens habitat. There it grows on stones and stony soil of South Amazon rivers. The plant has become popular as a tank one since 2005. Nowadays it continues gaining popularity due to its high decorative features and care simplicity.

Scientific NameStaurogyne repens; Ebermaiera repens
Common Namesrepens plant; staurogyne; s repens
OriginSouth America
PlacementForeground or midground
Maximum Sizeup to 3 Inches
Care LevelMedium
Growth RateMedium to High
PropagationCut stem and replant
CO2 RequirementRequired
LightingMedium to High
Temperature Range72-82 °F
pH Range6– 7.5


The staurogyne repens shoots are green and they grow up to 10 cm high and 5-10 cm wide. The lamina is 4.5 cm large, it has oval shape. The stem is coarse and very branchy; up to 10 cm long; it trails along the tank bottom.

Difficulties in keeping

This staurogyne repens is rather new in aquarium hobby. It has thickly growing green leaves and a coarse brown stem. The plant growth rate is lower than average one, that’s why it won’t need frequent trimming.

Staurogyne repens grows horizontal stems and tends to strike roots all the time, this way it forms a thick and not tall green carpet.

Staurogyne repens is also an enduring plant capable of growing even provided with low lighting level for quite long period of time. However, in case of lack of lighting, nutrients and CO2 supply the plant looses its decorative features.

Care and propagation in a tank

Staurogyne repens is used in tanks, first of all, as a ground-covering plant. In aquascaping this plant is used in the front side and in the middle of a tank. In nano tanks it can be used in the back as well.

It is recommended to put this plant in small groups between the snags or roots. To make sure that the plant keeps its decorative shape, you should trim it often and remove the stem tips.

To create a green carpet in the front side of the tank, you should follow this process. When putting the plant into the tank, cut off the long stems and then cut each of them into 2-4 pieces more, after this plant them close to each other forming small groups over the whole tank bottom.

Some time later, after adaptation period, the plant stats to grow horizontal stems and they will create an effect of a thick green carpet. The peculiarity of this plant is, that yet it looks much better in the front side of the tank.

Staurogyne repens is rather strong and enduring plant. The tank lighting level should vary from medium to high. Like most of plants it demonstrates positive response to CO2 supply.

Provided with frequent supply of fertilizers the growth rate of the stem increases, the leaves become greener, brighter and sometimes glossy. Don’t forget about mineral substances and nutrients.

The plant grows very slowly, that’s why you can trim it once in 2-3 month. Optimal tank water temperature is considered to be equal 20 – 28 °C.

In case of abrupt temperature decrease, staurogyne repens slows down its growth rate which it rather slow itself. Acceptable level of tank water hardness is 6 – 8°. The plant can grow up to 3-10 cm tall and 5-10 cm wide.

The plant’s low growth rate is more like an advantage in this case. Since due to this fact the plant preserves its initial decorative appearance and shape longer.

As for the keeping conditions, they are very much alike to those of Hemianthus callitrichoides cuba, which means that these plants can be good tank mates in one tank.

However, don’t forget that minimal distance between the plant shoots should be about 15-20 cm.