Best-selling aquarium mosses and care tips

I do fancy all kinds of aquarium mosses. They don’t re quire any special care, grow at a leisurely pace, they are rather appealing and make any tank look really natural. However, for almost all my life I’ve dealt with only one type of moss – Java moss.

But recently I had to start a new tank and plant several different kinds of mosses there. So, I had a chance to study mosses available on the market in details, to organize the information obtained and then I decided to write about what I know now. Here is what I’ve came up with.

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Christmas moss in a tank: care and cultivation tips

Christmas moss or Xmas Moss (Vesicularia montagnei) – is an aquarium plant which together with Java moss makes the most widespread mosses in aquarium husbandry.

Christmas moss got its name due to the fact that its preformed shoots hang down and overlap each other like fir-tree branches and the moss itself resembles a fir-tree shape as well. However, green color of this moss is much brighter and lighter, than that of Java moss.

At the same time Christmas moss that grew provided with poor conditions (low illumination level, absence of CО2 and fertilizers, hard water, seldom water renews) is not that branchy and due to this it is very difficult to distinguish it from Java moss.

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