Anubias nana

Nowadays there are about ten varieties of anubias which are popular among aquarists. All these plants come from tropical Africa areas. Most of the species can be rather seldom encountered in amateurs tanks, since they are challenging in terms of keeping and care as well as because they grow slowly, especially in tanks.

Anubias barteri var. nana is one of the most slow-growing tank plants and one of the most widespread among all anubias species. It has become popular due to its small size.

Most of anubias species are quite large. For example, Anubias barteri var. barteri grows up to 20 inches (50 cm high). Anubias nana size as a rule doesn’t exceed 7 cm, more often it is about 3-4 cm high.

Except Anubias nana there is one more small sized Anubias species. This is Anubias barteri var. nana petite. It is even smaller than anubias nana. The size of its leave doesn’t exceed 1 inch (2.5 см).

Nowadays this is a very rare anubias variety and it will be for a long time, since it grows even slower than anubias nana.

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Best-selling aquarium mosses and care tips

I do fancy all kinds of aquarium mosses. They don’t re quire any special care, grow at a leisurely pace, they are rather appealing and make any tank look really natural. However, for almost all my life I’ve dealt with only one type of moss – Java moss.

But recently I had to start a new tank and plant several different kinds of mosses there. So, I had a chance to study mosses available on the market in details, to organize the information obtained and then I decided to write about what I know now. Here is what I’ve came up with.

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