Kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii)

Kuhli loach (Pangio kuhlii) also named as coolie loach is a peaceful ground fish which is more active in the evening and at night.

Kuhli loach is an “owl” therefore it’s activity can be observed during twilights and at night, it is always hiding. The fish can hardly be seen at day time, especially when it’s kept in a tank alone, however it’s not impossible, if one watches the fish for some time.

If several fishes are kept in a tank they become more active at day, maybe due to the appearance of food rivalry. A group of dozen kuhli loaches will have more active behavior and it’ll be more close to their behavior in the wild, nevertheless Pangio kuhlii can be also kept alone in a tank.

The fish is rather enduring and it can live in a tank for quite a long time and it won’t suffer because of the lack of company. Also fishes from loaches family are known as weather forecasting fishes – they react on atmospheric pressure change and start going crazy, swimming actively along the tank walls or in circles.


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Basics of flowerhorn fish keeping

Flowerhorn is a unique fish with a very interesting behavior, temper and completely unusual appearance. Those who decided to keep flowerhorn in a tank have never regretted it.

Cichlid fishes as a rule aren’t very critical when choosing their couple match, therefore they can make couples not only with their kind, but also with completely different cichlid fish types.

Such a peculiarity gave breeders a possibility to obtain a number of amazing hybrids with different kinds of fishes. Not all the hybrids are successful, some of them doesn’t have good coloring, some become sterile after such breeding.

But there are always some exceptions.

One of the famous and popular tank fishes – parrot cichlid, is exactly the result of artificial crossing. As well as a flowerhorn cichlid, it’s a son of genetics and Malaysian aquarists persistence.

It was Malaysia where thorough line breeding and different cichlid types breeding (which ones no one yet knows for sure) was performed to get a healthy and fruitful breed.

Flowerhorn cichlid fish is a hybrid, however it doesn’t tend to get sick, it’s good looking and fruitful.

red dragon flowerhorn
red dragon flowerhorn

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Oscar fish: how to keep and breed this aggressive fish

Oscar fish (Astronotus ocellatus) or just tiger oscar is a large and bright colored cichlid from South America. Besides its large size and attractive color, oscars is also considered to be a very clever fish with interesting behavior.

This fish is rather small at juvenile stage, but it grows fast to reach oscar cichlid max size (up to 35 cm) and of course it attracts attention of any aquarist.

Astronotus is one of the fishes which can be described as the fish with some kind of intellect and a character.

Oscar will watch you doing your business in the room and you’ll see that it does it more consciously then other small cichlids.

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