Everything you wanted to know about electric dog fences

Since I have some experience of using electric dog fences, I would like to share my knowledge with you about their role, features, differences and application methodology. I’ll devote a special section for describing the best electric dog fences.

And they are indeed the best ones, because I’ve studied information provided by other sites and their lists of the best fences contain about 25-40 items. Do you believe it? If we ignore all marketing tricks, it will become quite challenging to name at least 10 best electric dog fences. If we speak about about wireless ones, the list becomes even shorter – about 2-3 items.

These devices are rather costly and not multi-purpose ones at all – that’s why the area of their application is limited and the idea of using them is rather controversial one itself. However, these devices have already taken their place in the world of dog breeding. Everything that I’m going to write here I took from various sources; as a rule, these are specialized forums, reviews and my own experience.

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African dwarf frog (Hymenochirus)

African dwarf frog (Hymenochirus) is a small and peaceful frog, that is more and more often encountered in tanks. Hymenochirus is a real water frog that can spend all its life without going to dry land.

There are 4 different kinds of frogs in this family. But they have similar behavior and requirements for keeping, so in the article we’ll give a general description true for all of them.

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