Bengal cat

A bengal house cat is as wild as its predecessor. Or is it an ordinary, kind domestic cat?

Why is it so expensive than?

Below you’ll find the answers for these and many other questions.
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Balinese cat

Balinese and Siamese cat breeds are very much alike, except for the cat’s fur length. The cat is called long-haired Siamese not in vain.

And what is more the cat has nothing in common with Bali Island. The cats are very good-looking but not so popular, as Siamese ones.

Why? Maybe they have a bad temper? Or maybe they are prone to get ill? Or are they rare and expensive?

Let’s find out.
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Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat is a cat breed that has specific coloring (a zonal one), which looks like the one that hares or rabbits have. The cat body coloring has no pattern on it.

Such coloring appears because each hair has stripes which interlace (it is called ticking) – light ones (yellow or ochery) and dark ones (black or brown).

This happens because when hair grows its dark and light pigments lie mixed in it. Rabbits and hares have only one dark ring on their hair while abyssinian cats have two or three rings (double or triple ticking).

Such coloring is also called agouti.
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