Guppy – a fish that everyone knows

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) is a renowned tank fish. Even people who are not into aquarium husbandry know about this fish, not to mention aquarists. Each of them has surely had a guppy fish in a tank even just once.

Some aquarists started their hobby from buying a couple of guppy fish and even now they have some splendid selective breeding guppy species. To answer all the questions about this fish we’d have to write a book, but we’ll try to discuss the most common ones here, in this article.

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Amano shrimp – deals with algae in your tank

Amano shrimp (Caridina multidentata, Caridina japonica, Japanese shrimp, algae shrimp) is a very active though quite peaceful shrimp – it is one of the best and most useful shrimps for keeping in a tank. Japanese aquascapist Takashi Amano was the first to use these shrimps in his nature aquariums.

Since 2003 Amano shrimp has become popular all over the world and millions of aquarists fancy them.

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We introduce aquarium heaters guide

Aquarium heater is a simple device, however how many troubles you may have once it gets broken. They range from fishes boiled live to those frozen to death. To avoid this disasters, I’ve selected the best aquarium heaters and reviewed them.

Aquarium heater is a device for maintaining tank water temperature stable and for heating tank water or air in a terrarium. This is an important component of tank or terrarium technical equipment.

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