How to make your dog happy?

The idea of choosing proper food which is the best suitable for your pet by trial and error method is like using humans as a guinea-pig to perform experiments. Your dog trusts you and it can’t say that it feels unwell after eating the food you have chosen.

Though, it is true that dogs get used to any food quite easily, except some products (chocolate, for example, which is toxic for them). But, the right dog food contains all components in necessary proportions for your pet to grow healthy. If you love your dog, you won’t feed it with junk food.

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Balinese cat

Balinese and Siamese cat breeds are very much alike, except for the cat’s fur length. The cat is called long-haired Siamese not in vain.

And what is more the cat has nothing in common with Bali Island. The cats are very good-looking but not so popular, as Siamese ones.

Why? Maybe they have a bad temper? Or maybe they are prone to get ill? Or are they rare and expensive?

Let’s find out.

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