The snakeheads (Channidae) are members of freshwater ray-finned fishes family from an Anabantiforme order. The fish got its name due to the similarity of its scales and head shape with a snake one.

There are two snakeheads genuses known, which exist nowadays, and one extinct genus. The species are encountered in equatorial Africa (Parachanna genus) and South, South-East, East Asia (Channa genus); some kinds of Channa genus were introduced into North America.

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Best aquarium plants for beginners

When I decided to write an article about the best aquarium plants for beginners, first of all I’ve studied the ones that Google search provided me with. You can’t imagine, how I was surprised – it’s been quite a while since I’ve read so many ridiculous ideas and tips.

Large part of the plants which are recommended for beginners in those articles, are challenging to keep even for experienced aquarists. I know it, since I’ve tried doing this many times and not always it was a success.

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Egeria densa

Anacharis or Brazilian waterweed (Egeria densa, Anacharis is an outdated name of the genus, but in the USA and in Canada it is still used) is one of the oldest and the most renowned aquarium plants.

Egeria densa is a good plant for beginner aquarists, besides its high growth rate it helps easily settle a biological balance in a new tank.

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