Java fern

Among popular tank plants there are two species with prefix Java. This is Java moss and Java fern. Our article is about the latter.

Actually, there are many varieties of Java fern. As a rule they differ from each other in their leaves size and shape, but they are very similar in terms of growing conditions. Therefore everything written here is applicable for other fern kinds.

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Amazon frogbit

Amazon frogbit (Limnobium Laevigatum) is a kind of aquatic plants of Hydrocharitaceae family. This is a popular undemanding floating tank plant with round glossy leaves. Provided with proper conditions it can cover all the tank surface with its leaves. In this case you should remove excessive amount of plants.

Amazon frogbit has fibrous roots which perfectly clean tank water from suspended matter. Due to its unpretentiousness the plant is rather widespread among aquarists. In home tanks you can make it grow uniformly during the whole year round.

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Hornwort or coontail (Ceratophýllum in Latin) is the most popular tank plant for beginners! Why? Well, simply because it is not demanding and it can grow at low illumination level, in cold water, easily reproduces and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Moreover, this plant is a good biological filter. Firstly, because it collects all ‘rubbish’ on itself including fish waste products and rot off organic matter. Secondly, because this plant effectively ‘pulls out’ nitrates (nitrogen cycle end product) from the water.

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Cyperus helferi

Cyperus helferi is one of those few plants, which actually are not aquatic ones, but they adapt quite well to dwelling in tanks. The plant is a rather popular one and not very challenging to keep.

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