Molly fish (lat.Poecilia)

Mollies fish is a small group of live-bearing fish of the Poecilia genus (earlier, they were included with Mollienesia genus). They are rather popular and undemanding aquarium fish that even beginner aquarists can deal with. Due to selective breeding programs, many new variations were obtained, with different coloring and body shapes. They are all widespread and renowned tank dwellers, though quite often, they look very different. This is all due to their peacefulness, endurance, unpretentiousness, inexpensiveness, and easy breeding. Molly fish differ only in size and color, but the info about breeding, keeping, compatibility is the same for all of them.

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Oscar fish: how to keep and breed this aggressive fish

Oscar fish or oscar cichlid (lat. Astronotus ocellatus) is a large and bright colored freshwater cichlid from South America. This is one of the most renowned aquarium fishes of Cichlidae family. It is a large, aggressive, but very smart fish. The article tells about how to keep it, feed, choose its tank mates, breed it.


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Freshwater angelfish – how to keep, care, feed and breed

Angelfishes (lat. Pterophyllum scalare) is a fish kind of Cichlidae family. They are one of the most popular and widespread aquarium fishes. This is a large, gluttonous fish that feeds on fish juveniles and prawns, even though it is rather good-looking and has quite an interesting behavior. It is large with high and flattened from sides body of rather varied coloring – all these made angelfish one of the most spread and popular fishes among aquarists.

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Piranha keeping and feeding

The red-bellied piranha or red piranha (lat. Pygocentrus nattereri) — is a predatory fish kind. It belongs to the piranha Serrasalmidae subfamily, which is one of the most well-known kinds of piranha. Due to Hollywood films, it is famous as a bloodthirsty predator, but are piranha really that dangerous? Further in the article, you’ll find information about their habitat, how they hunt, how to keep the fish in a tank, and if it is possible to keep piranha together with other tank dwellers.

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