Furminator: the king of animal grooming!

Pieces of fur all over the house, especially if you have a large sized pet in the house, they become a real problem during molting and hair shedding season. The hair is all over the furniture lining and clothes, carpet and it is in the room corners.

FURminator allows to avoid all of above mentioned, decreases duration of hair shedding season, makes your pet’s hair shiny and healthy.

In this review you’ll find answers for the following questions: what is it – FURminator for dogs, how to choose a proper deshedding tool and how to use it properly?

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A snug home for your betta fish

The Siamese fighting fish is very popular among aquarists due to its unusual coloring and interesting behavior. Usually, beginners tend to listen to what the seller says – that it requires a tiny tank, no water heating is needed, and in general, a betta is not demanding as for its keeping.

However, there is very little truth in these words, and it requires completely different care.

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Aquarium heater guide. Its easy!

Aquarium heater is a simple device, however how many troubles you may have once it gets broken. They range from fishes boiled live to those frozen to death.

To avoid this disasters, I’ve selected the best models and reviewed them.

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How to get dog urine smell out of carpet?

In the current article we’ll discuss the problem which many dog owners face, especially when their dogs are just puppies or juveniles – they often pee on carpets.

How to deal with this matter? How to get dog pee smell out of carpet by lots of various means? How to train your dog to pee outside?

Quite often appearance of a dog in a house comes with another issue – some unusual smells appear (hair of some dog breeds has specific smell).

Also if the dog is young and untrained, its owner has one more problem – the dog pees all over the house and on carpets as well.

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