How does the furminator work on cats?

Owners of almost all cat breeds are familiar with problems that arise during their pets’ shedding season. This is when all carpets, furniture and floor are covered with pet’s hair and fur.

During this time owners have to comb their pets more often, though owners of long-haired cats do it the whole year round, otherwise both the cat and the flat will look unkempt.

Furminator for cats

The process of undercoat and hair removing isn’t very pleasant for cat’s owner, since very seldom a cat can stay still for a long time. Also it’s unpleasant for a cat too because of accidental skin injuries, pulling out of some tangled hair, the animal gets nervous.

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Furminator for dogs: the BFG of animal grooming!

Pieces of fur all over the house, especially if you have a large sized pet in the house, they become a real problem during molting and hair shedding season. The hair is all over the furniture lining and clothes, carpet and it is in the room corners.


FURminator allows to avoid all of above mentioned, decreases duration of hair shedding season, makes your pet’s hair shiny and healthy.

In this Furminator review you’ll find answers for the following questions: what is it – FURminator for dogs, how to choose a proper deshedding tool and how to use it properly?

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A snug home for your betta fish

The Siamese fighting fish is very popular among fish keepers due to its unusual coloring and interesting behavior.

Usually, beginners tend to listen to what seller says – that the fish requires a tiny tank, no water heating is needed and in general betta fish is not demanding as for its keeping. However, there is very little truth in these words and the fish requires completely different care.

betta fish tanks

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