A snug home for your betta fish

The Siamese fighting fish is very popular among aquarists due to its unusual coloring and interesting behavior. Usually, beginners tend to listen to what the seller says – that it requires a tiny tank, no water heating is needed, and in general, a betta is not demanding as for its keeping.

However, there is very little truth in these words, and it requires completely different care.

betta fish tanks

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Canister filters for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

So, you are choosing the canister filter? The most important fact you should know is that their manufacturers quite often play hanky-panky with you when indicating the amount of water being pumped by a filter per hour.

So, in this respect you should buy a bit oversized model. And this is it, now you may skip the rest of the article since below there are only boring details and comparisons, characteristics and IMHO as for studied models.

However, if you are interested you are welcome to continue reading…

In general, I’ve listed all worthy models and if there are others, then they are made by some noname brands, or they are some rare models, to describe which I haven’t found sufficient amount of information.

canister filters promo

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How to get dog urine smell out of carpet?

In the current article we’ll discuss the problem which many dog owners face, especially when their dogs are just puppies or juveniles – they often pee on carpets.

How to deal with this matter? How to get dog pee smell out of carpet by lots of various means? How to train your dog to pee outside?

Quite often appearance of a dog in a house comes with another issue – some unusual smells appear (hair of some dog breeds has specific smell).

Also if the dog is young and untrained, its owner has one more problem – the dog pees all over the house and on carpets as well.

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