Eheim pro 3e 2076 canister filter

Eheim Professionel 3e 2076 – is an external tank filter of new generation with an innovative control system.

This filter is connected to your PC and its filtration functions in your tank system are controlled and managed by a special program.

A new design of the filter preventative adapter provides easy maintenance and maximal safety.

Unlike other filters of Eheim Professionel 3e family, this one has high pumping power and perfect filtration quality of tank water. The filter has a complete set of all fillers which allows to perform:

  • mechanical purification
  • biological filtration
  • chemical purification (if necessary)

Eheim Professional 3e filter construction has an innovation – it has a filter of preliminary water cleaning (a pre filter) located in the filter upper section, which makes it easier to extract it and to wash large scale contaminations and tank plants remnants off it. All fillers and substrates are placed in separate containers which allows to remove them easily while maintaining the filter.

Electronic control of the external filter Eheim Professionel 3e manages the following functions:

  1. touch-sensitive setting of water throughflow with stepped control.
  2. electronic module automatically recognizes progressive contamination of the filter and adjusts the filter till it reaches the water throughflow you’ve set. This feature guarantees equal values of water throughflow for a long period of time till the filter reaches the level of contamination that electronic module won’t be able to compensate
  3. varying change of water flow by means of electronic module allows to monitor tank water flows mode and make it close to the natural one
  4. change of two controlled water throughflow volumes once in 12 hours in electronic mode
  5. on pressing the button the device shows how much time is left till the next water purification will be performed in a tank. One green indicator corresponds to one month.
  6. the system detects air lock under the filter head and automatically releases the air by means of computer program
  7. the system constantly monitors its own functioning, detects malfunctions and reports them using warning indication. At that system simultaneously runs the program that tries to eliminate the malfunction cause.
  8. to provide high control accuracy the system performs permanent self tests and calibrates itself at least once a day. At that the pump switches to the preset (high) value of water flow and reports this situation by means of green indicator blinking.

External filter Eheim Professionel 3e can be programmed to perform different operation modes, which significantly simplifies control of your tank water parameters.

Let’s look inside the filter.

By opening 4 clips and taking off the filter head we can see the first basket with so called pre filter inside. Its main component is a coarse-porous sponge for rough mechanical water purification.

– let’s take out the basket (the base of pre filter)
– here we see the basket covered with plastic bars under which there is a sintepon overlay for fine mechanical water filtering. Take off the plastic bars and you’ll see the overlay in cellophane packaging Eheim SUBSTRAT pro,

Eheim SUBSTRAT pro – is a substrate for anti-bacterial water filtration.

It doesn’t slow down the water flow, it is a highly-porous material made of round-shaped quartz substance granules, each of which is a highly bioactive “mini-station” for tank water purification.

Eheim SUBSTRAT pro has high capacity, it can be easily washed and reused. Its highly-porous structure assists fast saturation of granules with bacterias that destroy dangerous toxins.

Such filtration substance is highly efficient and it can be utilized for quite a long time.

Bacterias that live in internal and external layers of the filter filler Eheim SUBSTRAT pro process harmful substances with the help of oxygen. Special “nodular structure” causes unusually high turbulent eddy of flowing water and consequently it provides optimal oxygen supply for bacterias.

Internal oxygen-deficient layers of the granules have the most favorable conditions for cleavage of nitrates.

This latest generation of highly-porous filtering materials created by EHEIM company provides maximal level of biological filtration of tank water. The highest quality of EHEIM company products allows to satisfy your demands and guarantee that you’ll enjoy each and every day of being an aquarist.

Here are the advantages of EHEIM filters:

  • extremely fast cleavage of harmful substances.
  • optimal usage of filter volume due to especially high density of filter filling.
  • really high performance of the filter – is the most important thing for obtaining crystal clear water in a tank.
  • maximal filter performance – is EHEIM exclusive thing!

Eheim SUBSTRAT pro is placed inside the filter after preliminary mechanical purification of tank water by means of EHEIM MECH and provides the conditions required to settle important purifying bacterias, namely, due to the density of filter filling with round-shaped granules (usage of the whole filter volume) and therefore we get optimal place for bacterias settling surface (sphere surface has the best perspectives for bacterias settling).

Thus, we obtain maximal number of purifying bacterias that help tank water to stay clean, with stable parameters and so the filter serves for longer period of time.

Then we remove the basket and see the next basket with filler.

EHEIM Bio Mech> filter filler.

It’s perfect mechanical and biological medium plus it has optimal porous structure. Filler EHEIM Bio Mech gives all filter bacterias ideal conditions of existence and reproduction. Highly-porous substance for long-term intense filtration with traps for small and large scale dirt particles. EHEIM BioMech filler is for sea life and freshwater tanks. The filler can be easily washed and used multiple times.
EHEIM Bio Mech filler has neutral pH and it doesn’t contain any substances that may increase tank water hardness.

So, here we have the last basket with a filler. EHEIM MECH component is perfect for dirt filtration. This filter can be easily cleaned, it has no residue in it.

  • MECHpro is made of unprocessed plastic and it’s absolutely neutral to water
  • it’s helix-shaped which insures perfect dirt trapping, it catches even the smallest particles of dirt.
  • high quality plastic allows to clean the filter easily and leave no residue in it; it can be used multiple times
  • ribbed structure of the surface allows to settle some biologically active bacterias on it and it provides biological enrichment of tank water

However, the filter has several drawbacks:

  1. This tank water filter strongly tends to biological purification of water (mechanical water cleaning is just nominal).
  2. The filter tray is missing.
  3. The instruction that comes together with the filter is a bit confusing (since it’s written for several filters simultaneously).
  4. Specialized greasing is missing in the filter set.
  5. Bacterias necessary to start the filter are missing as well and I had to buy them on my own.
EHEIM Professional 3e 2076 External Electronic Canister Filter for up to 105 US Gallons
12 Reviews
EHEIM Professional 3e 2076 External Electronic Canister Filter for up to 105 US Gallons
  • Electronic control at the touch of a button
  • EHEIM Control Center software for your PC & the optional USB converter allows you to control revolutionary features and even more possible settings
  • Included Accessories: Suction pipe, spray bar, outlet pipe, EHEIM quality hose, set-up accessories, prefilter sponge and main adapter 24v-DV
  • For fresh or marine water

Advantages of the filter:

  1. Nice design
  2. Complete set of original Eheim fillers for the filter
  3. It easy in assembly, installation and maintenance.
  4. It has convenient and solid carrying handles.
  5. Hand/manual priming pump allows to start the filter fast, namely, to fill the filter with water and remove air from the filter.
  6. Each filter basket has a handler, so it’s rather convenient to extract them from the filter.
  7. While maintaining your tank it’s not necessary to turn the filter off completely, it’s enough just to slow down the water flow.
  8. The hoses connecting unit is easily detached from the filter.
  9. It is safe in service since the filter power supply can be easily detached from it and the applied voltage is just 24V and not 220 V as the majority of water filters have.
  10. The filter has rubber legs (to decrease the created vibration).

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