Best-selling aquarium mosses and care tips

I do fancy all kinds of aquarium mosses. They don’t re quire any special care, grow at a leisurely pace, they are rather appealing and make any tank look really natural. However, for almost all my life I’ve dealt with only one type of moss – Java moss.

But recently I had to start a new tank and plant several different kinds of mosses there. So, I had a chance to study mosses available on the market in details, to organize the information obtained and then I decided to write about what I know now. Here is what I’ve came up with.

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Java moss in a tank: care and cultivation tips

Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana, but it may actually be Taxiphyllum barbieri) is an aquatic plant from Hypnaceae family. This is a popular aquarium plant. It was named after Swiss plant biologist Dubyana.

This plant is quite widely spread in amateur tanks due to its properties: simplicity and the fact that this moss is good as a spawning substrate for fish as well as its incredible decorative effect.

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